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  The survivor,

  Time heals all wounds is not necessarily true for survivors of suicide. Time is necessary for healing,
  but time is not enough. 

  Because of the social stigma surrounding suicide, survivors feel the pain of the loss, yet may not
  know how, or where, or if, they should express it. Yet, the only way to heal is to mourn. Just like
  other bereaved persons grieving the loss of someone loved, suicide survivors need to talk, to cry,
  sometimes to scream, in order to heal.

  Grief following a suicide is always complex. Survivors don't "get over it." Instead, with support and
  understanding they can come to reconcile themselves to its reality. Don't be surprised by the
  intensity of their feelings. Sometimes, when they least suspect it, they may be overwhelmed by
  feelings of grief. Accept that survivors may be struggling with explosive emotions, guilt, fear and
  shame, well beyond the limits experienced in other types of deaths. Be patient, compassionate
  and understanding

  As a result of fear and misunderstanding, survivors of suicide deaths are often left with a feeling of
  abandonment at a time when they desperately need unconditional support and understanding.
  Without a doubt, suicide survivors suffer in a variety of ways: one, because they need to mourn the
  loss of someone who has died; two, because they have experienced a sudden, typically unexpected
  traumatic death; and three, because they are often shunned by a society unwilling to enter into the
  pain of their grief.

  Support groups are one of the best ways to help survivors of suicide. In a group, survivors can
  connect with other people who share the commonality of the experience. They are allowed and
  encouraged to tell their stories as much, and as often, as they like. You may be able to help
  survivors locate such a group. This practical effort on your part will be appreciated.

Survivors Of Suicide Support Groups

Parents Of Suicide      Email:
According to Parents Of Suicide (POS) web site, the mission of POS is to offer understanding,
 support, encouragement, information, connections and hope to parents bereaved by suicide.

Naef has been notified that Parents Of Suicide is for natural or adoptive parents only. 
Step parents and foster parents are welcome to join Friends and Families of Suicide.
Email From Parents Of Suicide

How You Can Help A Survivor

  If you are a survivor, we at NAEF are very sorry for your loss. As survivors, we know that no one
  can understand what each one of us are going through. We do however, want to share with you
  a prayer for you and your love one from our NAEF pastor.  (Prayer)

I breathe in, I breathe out, put one foot in front of the other, take one day at a time.
Lyrics by Chris Cagle

A Devotional For Survivors

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