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  Who We Are

  On June 11, 2002, my dad walked into my home and said "you have to see this, suicide is the
  leading cause of death of college students!"  I said, "dad, now is not the time for this we must
  get ready to go to the funeral home. He replied, "you don't understand, there are over 30,000
  suicide deaths in the US each year and why aren't we doing something about it?"

  Much of that day, the day before when we had learned that Nathan had died by suicide in
  his dorm room and many of the days that followed are blurs. I do however remember my
  dad coming into my home with all the unbelievable suicide statistics and our church filled
  with  Nathan's college basketball team mates, his class mates, his friends and his family
  and all asking the same question,  why?

  Since Nathan's death we have learned a lot about Mental Health. We have learned: 
           adepression that goes untreated can potentially kill you
           asuicide deaths are preventable
           aan average of 1,100 college students die by suicide each year, the majority of whom
                were not receiving treatment for a mental disorder
           athat more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from all medical
               illnesses combined
           athe folks in Health care need our support in fighting this disease

  We have also learned that my father inlaw was right that day, that we each can do something to
   help prevent suicide deaths!


  Our Mission: The Nathan Alan Eisert Foundation is a Kentucky based 501 (c) (3) charitable
  organization. Our mission is to Identify then Implement Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  Education Programs


  Contact Us:   Nathan Alan Eisert Foundation, Inc
                         10515 Leven Boulevard
                         Louisville, KY  40229

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Nathan Alan Eisert Foundation, Inc.