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What do These Students Have in Common?

When I took a part-time job and started living off-campus, my course work fell apart. I couldn't concentrate or sleep, and I was always IRRITABLE and angry.—Leah, sophomore year After two years of straight A's, I couldn't finish assignments anymore. I felt exhausted but couldn't sleep, and drank A LOT. I couldn't enjoy life like my friends did anymore. —John, junior year I've always been anxious and never had much confidence. College was harder than I expected, and then my parents divorced, which was traumatic for me. After a while, all I did was cry, sleep, and feel waves of panic. —Marta, freshman year

They're college students who got depressed, 
got treatment, and got better.

       College offers new experiences and challenges. This can be exciting—it can also be stressful
        and make you, or someone you know, feel sad. But when "the blues" last for weeks, or
        interfere with academic or social functioning, it may be clinical depression. Clinical depression
        is a common, frequently unrecognized illness that can be effectively treated.   Read More

What Causes Depression       College Student Depression and Suicide



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