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Suicide On Campus - (CBS) 

Parents and students alike are constantly reminded of problems like drug and alcohol abuse and unsafe sex on college campuses. But relatively few are warned about suicide.

Early Show - Correspondent Tracy Smith reports on this very real danger that often goes undiscussed.    Story & Video

Special Report: (Sacremento Bee)

Pushed to the limit Athletes face immense pressure to perform well, but when the stress becomes too much, most colleges are ill-equipped to help

Steve Masten died like so many of the others. Alone while part of a team, feeling extremes of frustration while accomplishing so much, his end came on the morning of April 24 in Sparks, Nev., with a gun in his hand, pointed at his head. He was in the living room of his family home.
- By Scott Howard-Cooper – Sacramento Bee Staff Writer     Story

Somewhere To Turn -

UC Davis is one of about 25 universities nationwide with a mental-health professional available to assist struggling athletes

Ross Flowers is not mentioned in the UC Davis sports media guide. Even his location has a certain anonymity: a cubbyhole of an office tucked into a wood-shingled building that blends perfectly into a bucolic pathway of thick trees out front and a park across the street. But when athletic director Greg Warzecka is asked about Flowers, the under-the-radar existence ends. "I've come to realize that Ross is very, very important," Warzecka said. 
By Scott Howard-Cooper  Sacramento Bee Staff Writer   Story    

Ross Flowers counsels the inner athlete - By Clifton B. Parker - Date Line UC Davis 

Ross Flowers says the transition from high school to college will test a student-athlete like few high-stakes games ever could. Flowers counsels on average 15 student-athletes a week at UC Davis      Story    

A Mother's Crusade -

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Jan Ulrich needed to know whether Nathan was in heaven or hell, she said, because a mother should look after her child and she was going to find him and comfort him.  
By Scott Howard-Cooper – Sacramento Bee Staff Writer   Story

A Wake-Up Call  -

She drank in the dorm room and after that at the bar, and she fell down enough times that someone who worked there finally told Jen to leave. Then she went to where a couple of friends lived and stuck a finger down her throat, and threw up until her insides had no more to return. 

By Scott Howard-Cooper – Sacramento Bee Staff Writer    Story   

Kentucky High Suicide Rate

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Jenny Aker's hands trembled as she pulled the 11 1/2 -inch quilt squares from a plastic shopping bag.  On those squares are photos of young people who have killed themselves. A picture of her 23-year-old son is among them.      Story

Governor Fletcher Launches Suicide Prevention Campaign: “It’s Everybody’s Business” 

FRANKFORT, Ky. Governor Ernie Fletcher joined the Kentucky Suicide Prevention Group (KSPG) at the Capitol today to launch a statewide suicide prevention awareness campaign.    Press Release

Tell Them, Momma, Life's Too Much to Lose 

If only someone had noticed his depression. If only he had asked for help. If only someone had interrupted him as he cradled the cold steel of the loaded gun.
Today's Woman Magazine     Story

Suicide Figures Prompt Concern

Preliminary data from the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center at the University of Kentucky indicates suicide is the second-leading cause of death among Kentuckians between the ages of 15 and 34.   
The Kentucky Post      Story

Suicide by son of coach opens door to dialogue -

Even as the loud, self-important sports world pauses, however briefly, to share in the terrible sorrow of Tony Dungy,  the Indianapolis Colts football coach who lost a son to suicide -- Jan Ulrich understands that for Dungy's family and friends, the pain will never go away.  
Courier-Journal      Story

Grieving Mother Says Just Say No to Suicide

No one who knew Nathan Eisert will ever be able to resolve the joyous, victory-dance photo taken of him  last November after his Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers beat the University of Kentucky in  basketball with the image of a depressed young man who took his own life two weeks ago in his dorm room.  
Bob Hill - Louisville Courier-Journal      Story


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